Think: Why Can't We Get This Thing To Work

Success Thoughts and Think: Why Can't We Get This Thing To Work

Success thoughts and why we need them

There have been countless books written about the ideas of successful thinking and having success thoughts that I am presenting here in this book. However, I am putting my ideas on paper for the express purpose to tell you that these things happen, can happen, do happen, and will happen to very ordinary people just like you and me if we will take hold of this concept and learn how to apply it to our everyday life. I am expressing how the world works, how life works, and how each and every one of us work in conjunction with the laws of the universe and the laws of nature as I see it; the same laws that govern our very own existence.  

I am also expressing the laws that have been known and understood by so few so long ago and we are just now finding out what they are. ‘The secret of how to be rich’. How did those very successful people have these truths and the vast majority of the population did not know any of it?

For most of us, it wasn’t until the movie, “The Secret”, came out that we heard about the ‘Law of Attraction’. And still for others since then, have not even heard of the movie, ‘The Secret’ yet. So it is my belief that many that have not heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’ or any of the other laws that operate as the laws of nature, that this is a crucial time in their lives and people need this information. It is my intention to make known, as best as I can, another source of understanding to help inspire those that will listen and do their own search for truth.

It is my hope and purpose of this book that it may at times make you smile, make you reminisce, make you search yourself, and most of all, make you think. There are not any fancy words or philosophical theories that will take a Philadelphia lawyer to understand the concepts I am putting forth here. Just a simple explanation of how things work as I see them from a very ordinary guy.

I hope the ideas in this book will inspire you to be better than you are and to do great things. There is no power in this world that can keep you from your dreams. But there is all the power in the world to give you what you want and to fulfill your dreams.

We really do become what we think and it is imperative to have success thoughts and successful thinking to get what we want.

I hope you find it.